‘President Psyduck’ is Caught Sunbathing in Fun Pokemon Music Video

‘President Psyduck’ is Caught Sunbathing in Fun Pokemon Music Video

The Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel has mostly offered educational Pokemon-themed videos aimed at Japanese children, but one series of videos with international appeal has been the Pokemon songs. Songs based on Magikarp and Slowpoke have held almost viral qualities to them and were even translated into English due to their success. Adding to this series is the latest in a line of Pokemon music videos, a Hawaiian-themed summer tune featuring and titled ‘President Psyduck’.

President Psyduck is suave. Sophisticated. You see, this Psyduck is different from other Pokemon, as the first line of the song in this music video makes abundantly clear. They live a more sophisticated life than your standard Pokemon.

President Psyduck is the boss, or at least wants to be perceived that way. With their sunglasses and golden chain, they’re a part of the 1%, a rich duck with money to burn and power to project, as the choice of clothing makes clear. They live a privileged life where they relax and sunbathe all day in the warm summer heat as the other Pokemon watch on from the sidelines. They’re rich in spite of their battle abilities not being that great, which clearly means they cultivated their wealth on the backs of the working class.

What I’m saying is we need to overthrow the rich Psyduck and distribute their wealth to the masses.

In all seriousness, ‘President Psyduck’ is intended to be a fun kids-friendly Hawaiian-themed summer music video about a goofy Pokemon. And to be fair to President Psyduck, the song does showcase how they make attempts to reach out to others and help them, so they aren’t entirely evil.

While I can’t say it has the inherent catchiness of the viral Pokemon songs of the past, this is still a fun little tune that’s sure to entertain younger audiences. I hope they make an English version like they’ve done in the past, as well. You can find this song and more over at the Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel.

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