Pretty Boy Detective Club PV Dazzles While Portending to Mystery

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Sometimes a writer will have to cop to not having yet read the NisiOisin penned light-novel Pretty Boy Detective Club: The Dark Star that Shines for You Alone, the series’ first volume made available in English since late September 2020. However, that same writer could admit, just 16 hours before writing this article about the upcoming anime adaptation’s first PV, they read some of NisiOisin’s scribed Owarimonogatari Volume 3 in a bath-tub, arguably qualifying them to inform a hypothetical reader about said trailer and why they should take the time to watch it. Instead of putting up with more rambling though, just take our word for it and watch this candy-coated trailer.

The miracle crew comprising the, at times, avant-animation Studio Shaft, the always eclectic NisiOisin, and ‘look at these visual aesthetics’ director Akiyuki Shimbo found wild success continuing to make the Monogatari series for Lady-Likers for over a decade. Now, they throw the Pretty Boy appreciators some love with a kaleidoscopic, dazzling adaptation of NisiOisin’s Pretty Boy Detective Club novels. Kinako’s charming character designs look to be properly renditioned by Shimbo and Shaft, promising loads of sizzle to go along with each surely competent mystery story.

Pretty Boy Detective Club manga vol.1
Reading this now would spoil April’s TV mystery, but you’re the choice maker here.

Will Pretty Boys Detective Club be the next Monogatari? Could it make a Free! shaped splash in the anime seas? Or (and we wouldn’t start a sentence with or if we weren’t serious) might the actual mysteries flourish, giving P.B.D.C. a matured, 200% more sparkly Detective Conan type affect? Whatever strengths find themselves inherent to this Japanese cartoon, we trust the SHAFT / NisiOisin / Akiyuki Shimbo trifecta enough to know at the very least it shall be worth watching whether or not Pretty Boys in snappy outfits specifically make your heart sing.


Pretty Boy Detective Club hits the airwaves on 10 April.

NisiOisin / Shaft / Kinako
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