Primitive Drops Final Dragon Ball Z Collab Combining Anime, Fashionable Clothing, and Skateboarding

Primative Skate Drops New Dragonball Collab Combining Fashionable Clothing with Skateboarding

Sometimes it can be really difficult for anime enthusiasts to find clothing that allows you to both express your love for your favorite anime while also being quite ‘normal’. Perhaps normal isn’t the correct word to describe it, but it can sometimes be difficult to find clothing that’s fashionable while also sharing your love for a show. Luckily, finding anime apparel that looks fashionable and is genuinely cool is something that’s becoming much more common in recent years, which can be seen in the latest fashion drop from Primitive, the 3rd and final part of their ongoing collaboration with the massively popular Dragonball Z series.

In case you didn’t know, Primitive Skate are, unsurprisingly considering their name, a skateboarding company, but the company also creates apparel and has done multiple collaborations with popular franchises, including Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. There’s a huge variety of clothing offered in this collaboration, from hoodies to jumpers to shirts to tees and more. Many of these designs incorporate iconic elements of the series, from the expected use of Goku and the Dragon Balls to the likes of Majin Buu and Frieza, blending the cool designs of the Dragonball series with logos for the Primitive Skate brand.

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My personal favorite picks from the collaboration would have to be the yellow cap featuring the Primitive ‘P’ enclosed within all the Dragon Balls, an admittedly cool design even disregarding my own personal preference of the color yellow. The Vegeta woven shirt gives off a relaxed and comfortable vibe as well, but even though I highlight these two designs, in particular, I wouldn’t say a single design in this collaboration isn’t good.

As mentioned before, Primitive is a skateboarding brand, and that means a range of Dragonball Z skateboards are also offered here as well. The designs offered here are mostly posed character shots and are simplistic, but for a skateboard, I feel this is preferable, and each exudes a cool vibe to them. The villains like Buu, Cell, and Frieza are displayed in vignettes in front of a double stained ply that display their various forms, while the Saiyans and Shenron are printed with metallic ink and have a prismatic application that refracts light.

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The thing that helps this entire collaboration stand out as something worth buying if you’re a fan of the series is that allows fans to both express their love for Dragonball and allows them to be fashionable and in vogue while doing so. Drop on over to Primitive Skate’s official website to see the full collection of decks, apparel, and accessories.

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