Primitive Skateboarding Drops Second New Naruto Collaboration

Primitive Skateboarding Brings Out Second New Naruto Collaboration

Skateboarders will want to show off their ninja skills with a new Naruto Shippuden collaboration by Primitive Skateboarding.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles-based skateboard and apparel company introduced Naruto Delivery 2, its second collaboration with the shonen anime series. (The first one was last year.)

Naruto Gear

Primitive Skateboarding Brings Out Second New Naruto CollaborationThe new collection features a wide range of skate gear — jackets, pants, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, T-shirts, socks, baseball caps, and beanie.  There is also an enamel pin and a tray.

All of it is Naruto Shippuden-themed.  The Naruto you see here is not Boruto’s Dad, but it’s not the Knucklehead Ninja from way back in season one, either.

The designs are a combination of Primitive and Naruto imagery.

A couple of the items, named Nuevo Kurama in the online catalog, feature Naruto all fired up in Rikudo Sennin Mode.  Itachi also looks badass on a couple of the items.

The Akatsuki jacket and pants are patterned with the Akatsuki cloud logo and the kanji for Akatsuki.

Primitive Skateboarding Brings Out Second New Naruto Collaboration

I won’t name off every item in the collection, but other characters featured include Gaara, Obito, Pain, and Kakuza.  There are also hoodies and T-shirts with the majority of the Naruto Shippuden cast.

The pin features Naruto eating a bowl of Ichiraku ramen. The tray shows Itachi with his hands clasped like he’s about to perform some major jutsu.

Of course, you don’t have to be a skater to wear this stuff. But if you’re both a Naruto fan and a skateboarding fan, you might want to check out Naruto Delivery 2.

About Primitive

According to reports, Primitive was founded by professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez with friends Andy Netkin and Jubal Jones.  The company started with a store in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Encino.

Primitive has a skate team. The company also has a YouTube channel, where you can find this video about a visit to Japan:

Primitive Skateboarding, Primitive Apparel YouTube channel
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