Princess Principal Sequel Arrives in February 2021

Princess Principal Sequel Arrives in February 2021

A six-part movie series based on the steampunk spy anime TV series Princess Principal will arrive in Japanese theaters in February 2021.

Originally planned for April 2020, the movies were delayed for almost a whole year by COVID-19.

The 2017 anime series told about female spies in an alternate universe version of London.

According to reports, the film series Princess Principal: Crown Handler takes place after the ending of the first season of the series. As such, it could be considered either a sequel or a second season.

What’s It About?

The original series takes place at the turn of the 20th century (around about 1900).

It features five girls — Ange, Charlotte, Dorothy, Beatrice, and Chise Todo.  Charlotte is a princess, and a potential heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Albion.

At the beginning of the story, a revolution splits the kingdom into two halves, the Commonwealth and the old Kingdom.

The Commonwealth plans to have Ange impersonate Princess Charlotte.  However, the princess comes up with her own plans.

Soon the five girls are spying undercover as students at the Queen’s Mayfair Academy in Kingdom-controlled London.

The TV series was produced by Studio 3Hz and Actas.

Sentai Filmworks created an English dub of the series.

You can watch the series on Sentai’s HIDIVE streaming service, or at Amazon Prime Video — making it one of few series not available on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Cast Change

The series features Ayaka Imamura as Ange, Akira Sekine as Charlotte, Yo Taichi as Dorothy, Akari Kageyama, and Nozomi Furuki as Chise Todo.

However, Imamura retired from voice acting in 2018 because of health issues.

For the films, she will be replaced by Aoi Koga.  Koga recently voiced the title role in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

The first chapter of the new movie series will be released on Feb. 11, 2021.

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