Project DELTA MAX II – AAAing DDR Extreme As Fast as Possible (Updated)

Project DELTA MAX is back! For those new, in short, Project DELTA MAX (DDR Extreme Lots of Triple A‘s) aims to PFC (Perfect Full Combo) all 256 songs found on DDR Extreme as a community at the same time on legit hardware. To do this, we have an initial start time at which point everyone can start PFCing any songs found on DDR Extreme regardless of which list you play on. The time for the event starts at November 19 at 1PM EST. Please check your timezone below.

The goal is to beat the previous record of 7 hours. If you can PFC stuff during that time, you can help. If you can’t but still wanna help, we could always use people behind the scenes making the documents clean and up to date.

Time of the event per timezone

Google doc sheet


Any one can join at any time as long as there are still songs left. Before the event you may go on the doc sheet above and put your name down for songs you wanna call “dibs” on. Players will try to respect your dibs and not try to PFC your song until you are able to or if there are only few remaining songs. COMMUNICATE! If you’re having trouble with a song, post either below or in the Facebook thread and somebody will help you out. Remember, this is about AAAing every song as fast as fucking possible.

Rules are simple. Once you PFC a song, head over to the doc sheet and write your name in the PFC column. You can send links later if you prefer to save time or just post the photo in the Facebook thread or below in our Disqus system! Someone helping out will take your photo and link it for you.

The team suggests making some kind of token or sign with your name on it to put in the photo. In the past, players have all used this list to tally your totals.

If you have any questions, let Dr. D know!
(Thanks carlos and dgraham. And special thanks to Kyoto for the poster.)

The event has since ended as another year, Project DELTA MAX II is now complete with a record time of 5h 21m from last years 7hr 1min!! Insane improvement! Shouts to everyone involved and specially for getting the final AAA on Maxx Unlimited!

The complete spreadsheet can be seen here along with the rankings and top 3 players who scored the most PFCs that evening.

  1. Carlos (68 PFCs)
  2. DJ STERF (54 PFCs)
  3. Mapo (46 PFCs)

Join in next year as we gathering the community to crush the record even quicker.

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