New Kingdom Hearts Project Code-Named “Project Xehanort” Headed to Smartphones

Yesterday, Square Enix was teasing via their Kingdom Hearts official twitter that there is going to be an announcement regarding Kingdom Hearts today, the 23rd. Not only did we get the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind, but we also got some news about their announcement. If you take a gander at the official Kingdom Hearts website, there is a small excerpt about the game, with little to no info about WHAT exactly Project Xehanort is going to be. We know that it’s going to be a mobile experience for iOS and Android as well as available on the Amazon App Store. We know that it’s slated to be released in spring. Lastly, we know that “Project Xehanort” is not the title of the game, as they are holding a contest for people to guess the title of the game via Twitter. Currently, they have the title on the Japanese Twitter page for the game as “Kingdom Hearts 〇〇○ 〇〇○”. Ten lucky fans will win a prize if they are able to guess what the name is actually going to be. Again, the contents of said prize, have not been announced.

They did, however, give us a small, small inkling of a clue as to what the game is going to be about story-wise as the promotional imagery for the game have the tagline of “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?”. Very ominous.

For those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on a mobile version of Kingdom Hearts, you can always play the prequel to the Keyblade War, Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] on iOS and Android. It’s actually a pretty good game, honestly. Not only that, but it throws just one more wrench into the puzzle of a story that only Tetsuya Nomura can provide.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Project Xehanort once new news is released about the title, so make sure you keep your eyes on Otaquest for all of the latest information

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