Silky Hair, Dispatch! Promare Shampoo Exists, and It’s Coming This Year!

Silky Hair, Dispatch! Promare Shampoo Exists, and It’s Coming This Year!

Whether you work for Burning Rescue or are fighting for the rights of Burnish as a part of Mad Burnish, you’re gonna come into contact with a lot of fire and be in a lot of action. When constantly on the move and putting your life in danger, split ends and tangled hair should be the least of your concerns. If you’re in need of the perfect shampoo to smooth and moisturize your hair so you can look the part as you potentially try and save the world alongside that blonde-haired boy you’re definitely just friends with called Lio, then this Promare shampoo could be for you!

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While I can’t say this product quite offers all that, the fact that Promare shampoo exists is no joke! Offered by primaniacs, this special shampoo and conditioner is offered in two silky formulas for Lio Fotia and Galo Thymos that promise to ‘bring a Burnish luster to your hair’ and give it a ‘burning, silky soul’, as well as a moisture type from Kray Foresight that boasts that ‘this moisture is the last hope for humanity’. While the bottles featuring the shampoo and conditioner don’t include the character’s faces, they are brandished by their names and motifs that match their personalities and characters in the films.

Each shampoo and conditioner also has a fragrance that they promise matches well with the Promare-themed fragrances the company also started selling earlier this year, just in case you want to complete envelop your hair and body with the smells and skin-touch of Promare’s popular cast of characters.

Please don’t make the decision not to wash until these items are released, as the odor would be rather overpowering. Even if these items promise wonders for your hair, they won’t be available until December 19th, and you will inevitably need and want to wash your hair before that date. If you want to purchase some shampoo and conditioner ready for their December launch, you can order this Promare Shampoo directly from the primaniacs website.

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