If You’re Not Jamming to PSYQUI’s New Single, You’re Lying

Hitting the airwaves this week was PSYQUI’s new track, “Luv U 4ll ver”, one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard in recent times. For those of you unfamiliar with their signature-sounds, if you follow bi-annual Comiket and M3 releases, you might have seen him on both of MEGAREX’s FUGENE compilations. Otherwise, most of his tracks are independently released on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Anyways, PSYQUI is a pioneer of the futurecore genre, which combines the cutesy elements and chord progressions of future bass with the hard-hitting, fast-kicking punch of happy hardcore. His tracks are perfectly mixed down, feature tight percussion, and a crisp sound; yet at the same time, there’s always a real powerhouse vibe that will have you headbanging and stomping your feet.


PSYQUI’s new song, “Luv U 4ll ver”, starts out with a super cute music box melody, with an underlying drum break to hint at the ham to come. PSYQUI never lets us down with his drops, and this track is no exception. The clean half-time hits make this track an absolute slammer, and it gets even more hype with the following happy hardcore section. A pitched up “I wanna love you every day!” echoes in the background, tying the track together and conveying the message of the track.

When asked about the theme and inspiration for the track, PSYQUI had this to share:

“At first, I wanted to have a kawaii-complextro section to make up the track. So I thought to myself, ‘What if kawaii PSYQUI were to collab with kawaii Virtual Riot, what would that sound like?’”


The track ended up not containing as many growly, harsh elements as his other songs, however; this quality makes the track sound even more like a fun, dancey love song. When asked if he had any other comments, PSYQUI emotionally shared:

“I want a girlfriend :(“

Those interested in checking out more from PSYQUI can find his works on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

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