PSYQUI and mami Go Full Bass-Pop On ‘Are you kidding me’

PSYQUI and mami Go Full Bass Pop On 'Are you kidding me'

For nearly the entire decade, Japan’s maybe been the number one producer of absolutely balls to the wall wild dance and bass music. So many standouts have come out of the Tokyo club scene over the years, as well as smaller pockets from the rest of the country, that it really is hard to keep up with everybody. Masayoshi Iimori, the rest of the squad at TREKKIE TRAX, TORIENA who’s breathed new life into chiptune; in true music nerd fashion, ‘the list goes on…’ One artist we make sure to pay attention to is PSYQUI, a bass wizard, who can no longer really be called an up and comer. On ‘Are you kidding me’ he calls on vocalist mami to add a real pop flare to his sound.

‘Are you kidding me’ comes courtesy of yet another upcoming compilation by MEGAREX. The last PSYQUI song we featured on OTAQUEST, only two weeks ago mind you, was released via a gabber comp by the same label. In conjunction with Lapix, this new MEGAREX release ‘SPD GAR 02’ is a collection of ‘speed garage’ tunes with additional appearances by KOTONOHOUSE and DJ Wildparty among others. It’s a bit of a slower BPM here relative to gabber but the sound is just as potent

To focus on the track itself for a second, ‘Are you kidding me’ shines its brightest during the chorus. When those drops come in, PSYQUI brings you a delightful mash-up of big kicks, cut-up vocals, and all other sorts of little synthetic sounds to make an addictive, percussive melody that’ll worm its way through the folds of your brain with ease. Mami’s energetic vocals here definitely work with the fast-paced tempo of the song, although you’d be hard-pressed to say they were completely distinct. All in all, it’s a track we’re happy to add to our car and work out playlists.

‘Are you kidding me’ by PSYQUI and mami is set to release on the ‘SPD GAR 02’ compilation by MEGAREX August 12.

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