PSYQUI Amps Up The Gabber On ‘Multitalents’

PSYQUI Amps Up The Gabber On 'Multitalents'

PSYQUI’s known for making bangers that from the second they start until their last kick don’t let up. He’s been on the rise the last couple years in the Japan club scene and for a good reason; No matter what kind of track he creates, whether it’s his brand of EDM, producing for other singers, or experimenting with different sounds his tracks are always infused with kinetic energy. His latest offering ‘Multitalents’ is his contribution to the ‘Funky Gabber’ compilation by MEGAREX that also features TORIENA, RoughSketch, and others. As the name of the compilation would suggest, PSYQUI delivers a bomb with gabber-kick gunpowder and funky touches.

Maybe some gabber elitists, if there are any, would fault ‘Multitalents’ for not being a pure gabber track. The explicit gabber sections don’t come in until the chorus drops but when they do all bets are off. Those segments are rather simple actually; just those distorted kicks the genre is famous for with a whirling synth and little is. That simplicity makes for a hell of a good time. The ‘verse’ parts of the track are also quite fun; chopped vocal and instrumental bits all with a funk twinge add some color to the rest of track.

Hardcore stand-outs Lapix and DJ Noriken are overseeing the ‘Funky Gabber’ compilation and they sure picked a winner with this PSYQUI track. Really any PSYQUI song gets the job done but for someone who doesn’t typically roll with the gabber and hardcore sound, he knocked it out of the park with ‘Multitalents’. Of course, PSYQUI does have a relationship with MEGAREX having released music with them more than once before so it’s not completely out of left-field to see him making his appearance here. Excited to see what that partnership will bring next.


‘Funky Gabber’, featuring ‘Multitalents’ by PSYQUI drops July 14.

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