Pump It Up 2017 PRIME 2 1.10.0 Update Now Live

Pump It Up 2017 PRIME 2 Update 1.10.0 is now live bringing new tracks, step charts and more! See the changes below!

1. New Songs 

Heart Attack
Artist : DJ Counterforce
BPM : 148
Default step chart : S07, S11, S16, D09, D18
S??, D?? (Unlocked step)

Artist : Dasu feat. Kagamine Len
BPM : 145
Default step chart : S10, S14, S18, D15, CO-OP02
D?? (Card only step)

Cross Time
Artist : Brandy
BPM : 160
Default step chart : S03, S07, S11, S15, D11, D17
S??, D?? (Card only step)

Keep On!
Artist : AmamoriP
BPM : 185
Default step chart : S06, S12, S15, D12, D17
S??, S??, D??, D?? (Unlocked step)

2. New Step Charts

Get your groove on
Artist : BanYa
BPM : 96
step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)

Caprice of Otada
Artist : Banya Production
BPM : 160
step chart : S?? (Unlocked step)

Artist : Affinity
BPM : 196
step chart : D?? (Unlocked step)

Artist : MAX
BPM : 155
step chart : S??, D?? (Unlocked step, 6th U.C.S Contest Winner’s chart)

3. Quest zone 
Quest “Chapter5” is updated.

Final Audition2
Step chart : S08, S10, S16, S17

Step chart : S15, D15, D16, D17

Step chart : S06, S13, S19, S21

Kasou shinja
Step chart : S18, S20, D19, D21

Ignition starts
Step chart : S15, S18, D17, D24

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