Pump it Up: In The Groove 2 Officially Announced for Arcade

Andamiro finally announced it’s first release of In the Groove. Complete with a name change! Here’s the press release.

June 18, 2005

Roxor Games, Inc. is proud to announce their partnership with Andamiro Co., Ltd. to create the next generation of arcade dance games. Their first collaboration, “Pump It Up: In The Groove 2,” combines Roxor’s unparalleled gameplay, music, and graphical content with Andamiro’s co-development support and superior cabinet construction, featuring a beautiful 33” flat screen and an acoustically tuned stereo system for total immersion into over 130 interactive dance songs. This new edition of Pump It Up features all 71 original hit In The Groove songs with new Expert steps, plus over 65 new songs, for a total of 1,100 dance routines featuring ITG’s popular four panel layout. This is the first title in a planned series of new arcade games developed in cooperation by Roxor and Andamiro, bringing cutting edge content and hardware to gamers starved for new, exciting arcade experiences. Pump It Up: In The Groove 2 is now available from game distributors nationwide.

In The Groove 2 New Features:

• Over 65 new songs for a total of over 130 songs from new artists and familiar names

• Over 500 new dance routines, totaling over 1,100 routines from step artists in the dance game community

• Over 25 new courses, for 50 courses total between Marathon and Survival modes

• Unlockable songs and Expert steps to provide new challenges

• Up to 5 difficulty levels per song, per style, accommodating all players from first time beginners to dance game experts

• Novice difficulty with helpers like Traffic Light and Constant Scroll to assist players who are just getting started

• All new graphics featuring new In The Groove characters

• 2 new arrow skins provide new visual feedback options during gameplay

• Greatly expanded compatibility for USB memory cards

• New arrow type: Freeze Rolls will keep you on your toes

In The Groove 2 New Play Modes:

• Survival Mode: Beat the clock by stepping perfectly to challenging patterns

• Fitness Mode (for fitness centers): Set calorie burn or player time goals and track your progress

Returning Features:

• All 71 original In The Groove songs

• 3 styles of play: One Player, Two Players, and Double

• Fast menu navigation and longer songs – spend more time playing

• Arrow types like mines, hands, and quads will have you making new kinds of moves

• USB Memory Card reader lets players take advantage of tons of great features

• Expert difficulty steps challenge even the most hardcore players

• Over 50 modifier options for creative challenges

• Mod Stacking: Select multiple mods on each line for thousands of combinations

• Choose between multiple arrow skins to suit your taste

• Unlock codes are entered by players

Returning Play Modes:

• Dance Mode: The traditional mode of play. Dance for fun, or compete for personal and machine high scores

• Battle Mode: Play against a human or computer opponent in a tug-o-war meter competition. Confuse your opponent with arrow modifiers while fending off attacks

• Marathon Mode: Play a series of songs nonstop and try to survive tricky scripted modifier sequences

USB Memory Card Features:

• Download steps online and bring them to the arcade on a USB memory card

• Use the memory card to save player profiles, options, high scores, and more

• Track and view comprehensive stats using any web browser – even share your performance data with friends

• Machine high scores are saved on the memory card too; post the latest high scores for favorite machines online

• Save screenshots of your greatest achievements directly to the memory card and post them online

• Participate in official Internet Ranking and see how you stack up against the rest of the world


We’ll update you on more info as soon as we receive it! Let us know in the comments what you think about the name change.

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