Pump It Up Prime 2: Version 2.02 is Now Live

As of March 2nd, Andamiro released the following additions to the 2018 revision of Pump It Up Prime 2:

The updates are as follows:

New Songs

Song Title : Donatello
Artist : Triplestar
BPM : 175
Default Step Charts: S12, S17, S21, D18
D?? (Card Only Chart)

2) Title : Up & Up (Produced by AWAL)
Artist : Skizzo
BPM : 150
Default Step Charts: S03, S05, S08, S17, D09, D18

3) Title : Travel to Future
Artist : Neutral Moon
BPM : 160
Default Step Charts: S03, S07, S11, S17, D12, D18, D21
S??, D?? (Unlockable Step Chart)

New Step Charts

1) Title : Naiassance
Artist : BanYa
BPM : 136
step chart : S16

2) Title : Annihilator Method
Artist : DM Ashura
BPM : 190
step chart : S23

3) Title : Moon Light Dance
Artist : TatshMusicCircle
BPM : 182
step chart : CO-OP02

Quest zone Update
Quest “Chapter7” has received an update.

This update will be applied automatically if your machine is online. Otherwise it has to be downloaded from the official website.

The previous updates are required, the previous being 2.01.

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