Pump It Up Prime: The Global and Japanese Updates

For anyone who’s missed out on the most recent additions to Andamiro’s 2015 version of Pump It Up, Prime, here’s a primer.


The updates included in Version 1.07 are as follows:

New Songs (Song / Artist /BPM / Difficulties)
Katkoi / M2U / 180 /  S07, S10, S14, D12, D15
B2 / MAX / 158 / S04, S07, S11, D13
1950 / SLAM / 200  / S23, D25
Dolly KiSS / SID-Sound / 149 / S03, S06, D06

Special charts, which can be unlocked at Andamiro’s official website.
Katkoi – S18, D19
B2 – S16, S18, D19
1950 – S25, D27
Dolly KiSS – S14, D15
Meteorize -S17, D18

Quest Zone Updates (Chapter 7)
Rainspark – S5, S9, S15, S17

Ignition Starts – S8, S15, D10, D18

Re-Rave – S11, S17, D18, D19

Naissance – S10, S20, S23, D25

Ignis Fatuus(DM Ashura Mix) – D19, D23, D25, D26

New Unlocked Stepcharts
Avalanche – S18, D19, D24


Additionally, the Japanese version of Prime received an update as well. Drastically different from the global versions, the Japanese version has several exclusive tracks, namely the legendary Bad Apple(yes, the Touhou track!) and music from Tatsh, formerly of Bemani fame.

Thanks to Nico from Pump Haven for sharing this information!

New Song
Creed-1st desire- / TatshMusicCircle / S04, S07, S12, S18, S21, D11, D18, D23, DP05

Returning Songs
Lucid(PIU Edit) / Yak Won
Yeo rae a / SID-SOUND
Selfishness / SID-SOUND
You Got Me Crazy / MAX
Venus / Shinhwa
[Short cut] Selfishness / SID-SOUND
[Short cut] PRIME opening / MAX

Other Updates
-Music Train has been implemented, with a J-Music train available for the new songs.

-Custom Music Trains are now available.

-Favorites can now be set on USBs.

-An audio glitch with Hestia was fixed.


Most interestingly, Bad Apple originally had a generic animation, rather than the one that made helped make the track famous.

[youtube_embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLriUIVuJuk”/]

Now it has a new edit and the original background:

[youtube_embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqQoNd-Xg0″/]

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