Pump It Up Prime: Version 1.09 – Now with Bad Apple!(!)

If you wanted some Touhou in your Pump It Up, boy do we have an update for you.

As I expected, the next update will feature The Revolution and Stardust Overdrive.

What I didn’t expect are the Japanese tracks by Tatsh and nomico. As with the previous updates, this can be gotten at www.piugame.com.

This update includes the following:

New Songs
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat. Sariyajin – TatshMusicCircle BPM 178 /
S01, S04, S06, S10, S14, D10, D14, Co-Op X2
* Stardust Overdrive – typeMARS BPM 175 / S04, S09, S16, D05, D13, D16
* THE REVOLUTION – MAX & DOOM BPM 160 / S07, S11, S17, D12
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico – Masayoshi Minoshima BPM 138 / S01, S05, S09, S13, D10
* Stardust Overdrive (Shortcut) – typeMARS BPM 175 / S16, D17
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat. Sariyajin [Full Song] BPM 178 – TatshMusicCircle / S14, S19, D14, D19
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico [Full Song]- Masayoshi Minoshima BPM 138 / S10, S14, S17, D11, D18, D22 Co-Op X4

New Steps [unlocked at www.piugame.com via USB downloads]
* Stardust Overdrive / S18, D19
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ / S17, S20, D18, D21
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico / S17, S19, D18, D21

* Allegro Piu Mosso / S19

Quest Zone
Chapter 9:
1) Dance With Me
Step chart : S06, S14, D15, D17

2) Monkey Fingers
Step chart : S08, S15, D17, D18

3) Love is a Danger Zone
Step chart : S10, S15, S19, S20

4) Requiem
Step chart : S16, S19, D19, D21

5) Canon D
Step chart : S09, S20, D22, D24

Previously hidden stepcharts, unlocked:

* Move That Body! S17, S20, D18
* Sugar Conspiracy Theory S15, S18, S19, D17, D20

The update is now live at Andamiro’s website.

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