Pump It Up : Zero Ships to US Arcades in February

According to word from both Andamiro USA and Dave & Busters’ amusement division, the 7th International version of Pump It Up will be sent out to local arcades on the 1st of next month.  Pump It Up Zero has already been released in Korea, South America, and, most recently, the UK.

Zero can be upgraded to from all existing Pump cabinets, and includes the necessary hardware for upgrading older versions to the MK6 board.
New machines will have the new board included with the upgrade.

The latest mix uses an entirely revised interface, including the new BGA Preview System(which displays segments of the background videos in the song select screen), as well as allowing separate players to play separate difficulties, and accessing all songs and modes of play from one screen.

In addition, the new Easy Station has been added for beginners, as well as the Mission Station and the Another Channel for the expert steppers.

Missions require the player to pass heavily modified versions of songs(divided into three songs per mission), with unlockable mods and hidden songs waiting as rewards upon completion.
Another Channel includes up to 30 revised stepcharts of older songs, most of which need to be unlocked through the Mission System, and are more difficult than the regular versions.

The final songlist of 131 songs follows, while samples of the new Banya music, title screens, and much more info on Zero can be found at the official website:



Beat Of The War 2 – ??? BPM
Moonlight – 180 BPM
Love Is A Danger Zone 2 – 162 BPM
Phantom – 136 BPM
Papa Gonzales – 145 BPM
Jump – 96 BPM
Witch Doctor – 195 BPM (Hidden)
J Bong – Banya
Hi-Bi – Banya
Canon-D – Banya
Solitary 2 – Banya
X-Treme – Banya
Pump Me Amadeus – Banya
Blazing – Banya
Monkey Fingers – Banya
Naissance 2 – Banya
Final Audition 3 U.F – Banya
Come To Me – Banya
Bee – Banya
Beat of the War – Banya
Dr. M – Banya
Love Is A Danger Zone – Banya
Winter – Banya
Will O’ The Wisp – Banya
Vook – Banya
Csikos Post – Banya
Point Break – Banya
My Way – Banya
Street Show Down – Banya
Final Audition Episode 1 – Banya
With My Lover – Banya
Free Style – Banya
Rolling Christmas – Banya
Beethoven Virus – Banya
N – Banya
Solitary – Banya
Mr. Larpus – Banya
Final Audition 2 – Banya
Naissance – Banya
Turkey March – Banya
She Likes Pizza – Banya
Pumping Up – Banya
Hate – Banya
Final Audition – Banya
Extravaganza – Banya


Emergency – Drunken Tiger – 110 BPM
My Friend – Cho PD – 127 BPM
Wuthering Heights – Eugene – 138 BPM
Do It Yourself – Lazy Bone – 106 BPM
What’s Going On? – Turtles – 130 BPM
All Famy (Owl) – Eun Ji Won – 94 BPM
Chung Hwa Ban Jeom (Chinese Restaurant) – Louis – 149.5 BPM
Mr. Fire Fighter – Spooky Banana
Footprints – T.O. – 135 BPM
Enter The Dragon – JTL – 110 BPM
Storm – Perry – 96 BPM
Turn Around – Mina – 113 BPM
Hot – 1TYM
Greenhorn – Lexy
Drunken In Melody – Eun Ji Won
Deja Vu – Som2
Eternity – Uhm Jung Hwa
Foxy Lady – Harisu
Too Late – Shyne
Huu Yah Yeah – Y-me
We Don’t Stop – Asoto Union
I’ll Give You All My Love – WAX
U – Ju Dain
Sajahu – Lee Hyun Do
Typhoon – Lee Hyun Do
Go Away – BMK
Forever Love – Fin.K.L
Hatred – Novasonic
Mobius Strip – Sechskies
Love Song – Yu Seung Jun
The Rap: Act 3 – Honey Family
One Love – S’max
Go – U;Nee
What Do You Really Want – Crash
Valenti –BoA
Shake That Bootie – Onetwo
Dignity – Crash
Empire of the Sun – Novasonic
Perfect! – Diva
Starian – Duke
Loner – T.T.Ma
Slam – Novasonic
Run! – Novasonic
Don’t Bother Me – Tashannie
We Are – Deux
Fighting Spirits – H.O.T
Com’back – Sechskies
Come To Me – Clon
Funky Tonight – Clon
Another Truth – Novasonic


I Love You Baby – Pandera – 100 BPM
Up Up! – Cachy Hwang – 135 BPM
Le Code de Bonne Conduite – Manresa
Kiss Me – Debbie Scott
Essa Maneira – Kaoma
La Cubanita – Los Ninos De Sara
Shake It Up – Rod
Power of Dream – Victoria
Watch Out – Victoria
Fiesta – El Cuba
Soca Make You Ram Ram – General Grant
Clap Your Hands – Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle
Conga – Queen Latin
Eres Para Mi – Mozquito
Join The Party – Gans
Mexi Mexi – Mozquito


Love Is A Danger Zone Full Remix
K-Hiphop Remix Vol. 1
K-House Remix Vol. 1
Canon-D Full Remix
Dignity Full Remix
World Pop Remix
Novarash Remix
Turbo Remix
Drunken Family Remix
Clon / Sechskies Remix
DEUX Remix
Banya Rap Remix
Banya Classic Remix
X-Treme Vook of the War Remix

Zero is currently preorderable, and I hear it’ll take roughly three days after it becomes available to reach arcades.

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