Pump It Up Prime2 2018 Update Will be Released on New Years Day

Andamiro just put up a teaser trailer for Pump It Up PRIME2 version 2.00.0, which will also be known as Pump It Up PRIME2 2018 come the new year. The update releases on January 1st, 2018 free for owners and apart from new original songs that’ll be included, expect bug fixes, Quest update, and graphics improvements, we’ll be seeing the debut of the PIU Contest Creation Winning songs. The trailer shows off new songs and clips of the step charts.

New songs

  • Super Capriccio / SHK
  • Anguished Unmaking / void
  • Beautiful / Wanna One
  • Energetic / Wanna One
  • Really Really / Winner
  • Infinity / Lunatic Sounds
  • V3 / Beautiful Day
  • Hyperion / M2U
  • Kasou Shinja / MAX
  • Twist of Fate / Jehezukiel
  • HTTP / Quree
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