punipunidenki’s “DENSHI DISCO MITSURIN” EP is a Perfect Mid-Week Groove


Here on OTAQUEST we haven’t been shy about our admiration of punipunidenki‘s smooth & mellow vocals and immaculate overall production stylings. She’s also hands down one of my favorite female vocalists active in Tokyo right now, and every time she drops something new I just can’t help but stop and listen. Her latest EP, DENSHI DISCO MITSURIN, has been no exception to that rule.

This new release, which dropped earlier this week, sees punipunidenki teaming up with a trio of trackmakers of varying styles who arrange the tracks featured within in a unique way that takes her vocals and delivers a different but complementary experience across the whole EP.

The title track, DENSHI DISCO MITSURIN arranged by Sayohimebou, is a playful mashup of breakbeats, cheerful instrumentation, and sounds that evoke a feeling of being lost in the wild. As I write that description it sounds a bit crazy to me, but it all comes together in such a tight package that not a moment feels out of place. It’s the beginning of the journey and sets things up for the EP in a way that I can’t help but recommend that you should listen to it all in order without skipping a track.

Following up on that is Weak Flesh, arranged by oriik Internet. The fast-paced drums on this track layer perfectly with the chords and melodies being play atop them. Add to that a sweeter sounding vocal performance which gets reversed to great effect at a few points in the song, and you have a recipe for a track that sounds unlike anything else in all of the best ways. This track is the intermediary of the EP, the transition point between different styles and sounds, and it accomplishes its role perfectly.

Then comes metamorphose, arranged by Dirty Androids. This track brings the tempo down to a more relaxed pace, feeling far more chilled out and absolutely perfect for lounging. The vocals from punipunidenki on this track really show her range when stacked up with the previous two songs, having a far more soulful sound this time around and really rounding out the production on the song to create a cohesive listening experience. This is the kind of song I want playing in the background when I’m winding down at the end of a hectic day.

The final track on the EP, goodbye to paradise (Private ver.), rounds out the entire EP and is a fitting end to the journey these 4 tracks will take you on. Where the previous track brought things down and got things more relaxed, this track brings the mood to its logical conclusion, with a mellow and easygoing composition. The track carries a mellow tone throughout, complemented by a few excellent saxophone solos as things progress and close out the EP. The vocals have the same soulful sound as metamorphose and really drive the EP home.

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The whole package comes together even further with complementary artwork from illustrator f*kaori gracing the cover. Everything about this EP feels so perfectly planned and put together in the kind of way that, if you’ve been following punipunidenki as we have, won’t feel all that surprising but is altogether really pleasing to the senses. And things even go a step further as you can get this release physically from Bandcamp in a variety of packages, like one that includes a long-sleeve t-shirt featuring the cover artwork that includes the CD and digital versions of the EP. If you’re interested in a more immediate listening experience, the release is also available on major streaming platforms as well!

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