punipunidenki Shares Smooth-Sailing New Single ‘iNterNe…’, Drops New Shirt Collection

punipunidenki Shares Smooth-Sailing New Single 'iNterNe...'

Much like the internet, there’s a certain addictive nature to Tokyo-based punipunidenki’s music. Her ever-evolving sound has so often found its place into my Friday night grooves, and I’ve got little doubt that her latest ‘iNterNe…’ will be any different. The down-tempo groove finds punipunidenki again performing entirely in English-language, this time divulging the joys of the internet while getting a little political. Complete with one of punipunidenki’s latest key visuals, check out the official lyric video for ‘iNterNe…’ below:

Like the namesake for punipunidenki’s latest, ‘iNterNe…’ sure is a lot of English words thrown around. Yet, through their pronounced delivery and smooth backing, they definitely sound like a message I can get down to. You’ll want to give the lyric video for this track the one-over before listening elsewhere, but punipunidenki’s latest all-English song still feels as coherent to the artist’s style as anything that came before it. It’s already been a stacked year for the musician, and her latest is definitely a welcome addition to the ever-growing catalog.

In addition to the release of punipunidenki’s latest, the artist has officially dropped some of her first physical merch in the form of long-cut t-shirts in several colorways. The shirts, which feature Puniden’s incredible new visual art, are being made available via the artist’s official Bandcamp page at a price of $32 USD with global shipping made available. While you’re there, why not check out some of her other incredible physical releases which she just shared at Comiket 96 too?

Available now via all major streaming services, those interested in checking out punipunidenki’s latest ‘iNterNe…’ can head over to the artist’s official webpage.

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