punipunidenki Shares Hopeful Latest Single “life is SUPER DOPE”

punipunidenki Shares Hopeful Latest Single

It’s 2019 already, and if you’re not giving some very serious playtime to punipunidenki, you’re making a massive mistake. I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about the groove-infused stylings of puniden for quite a while now, and over the years I’ve seen nothing but a rise in quality. Unsurprisingly, this is a trend that continues on her latest single “life is SUPER DOPE”, a hopeful sound straight off her upcoming EP “Wonder Underground”. Set to release on April 28, 2019, I’m completely floored by just how good this track is. Let’s give it a listen below:

Written, produced, and performed by puniden, “life is SUPER DOPE” might actually be one of the artist’s first all-English releases. For those familiar with puniden’s previous releases, the fusion of jazz and bossa nova sounds should be a welcome treat. The lyrics, gliding between moments of hope and despair, are so perfectly delivered that I’m left repeating lines over and over just to hear them out. Illustrated by the incredibly talented Yunico Uchiyama, the artwork captures the image of the song brilliantly. I definitely hope to see these two team up again in the future. If you’ve never heard a puniden track, this is the perfect entry point — and if you have, then this will be an absolute treat.

Set to release both digitally and physically on cassette on April 28, punipunidenki’s upcoming “Wonder Underground” is definitely not something to sleep on. Those interested in checking out further information, be sure to check out punipunidenki’s official website.

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