PUNK DRUNKERS Teams Up With #FR2 for New Collaboration


What happens when two brands who are no strangers to strong collaborations team up to make a collaboration together? You end up with something like this weekend’s FUCKING PUNK DRUNK RABBITS collaboration drop from Tokyo based PUNK DRUNKERS and #FR2.

In what came as a rather surprise announcement earlier this week, the two influential independent brands are dropping a collection this weekend that combines both their most iconic elements, along with pieces that are clear representations of their individual styles. From #FR2’s iconic ‘Smoking Kills’ design mashed up with PUNK DRUNKERS mascot Aitsu, to an exclusive vinyl toy with embellishments that merge imagery from both brands, this is an incredibly stacked collection that’s sure to sell out quickly.

On the apparel side of things, you have a range of pieces from hoodies & shirts to hats & bottoms. The ‘FUCKING PUNK DRUNK RABBITS’ hoodie stands out as the ultimate mashup of both brands with ‘UNCOOL IS COOL’ and ‘Smoking Kills’ emblazoned on the sleeves, with a large image of the #FR2 rabbits, one with Aistu’s head, taking up real estate on the back.

Today PUNK DRUNKERS also announced the release of a new Aitsu vinyl toy, which is going on sale tomorrow via lottery. If you’re not already familiar, PUNK DRUNKERS’ vinyl toys are a highlight among all of the company’s range of products. They often carry incredibly high prices in the second-hand market and sell out super quick at any events they’re available at. This new exclusive is their iconic Aitsu vinyl toy design with a giant carrot replacing his gun, a fitted rabbit mask that can go over the figure’s head, and an #FR2 branded camera accessory. The figure is going to be available exclusively on the #FR2 webshop and is surely going to sell out quickly to some lucky buyers.


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Despite the fact that PUNK DRUNKERS has collaborated with so many iconic brands and properties over their 20+ years in the fashion industry, I would not have believed you if you would have told me this collab was on the horizon. #FR2 is arguably one of the strongest brands operating in Harajuku at the moment, and PUNK DRUNKERS is beyond prolific in the number of pieces they release each season, so this is really the kind of thing that I’m sure all fans are beyond excited to see. I’m going to give it a shot and enter the lottery for the vinyl toy tomorrow and get my order in on a few pieces, I just hope I’m lucky enough to score some of this unexpected collab.

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