PUNK DRUNKERS & GO OUT Magazine Announce an Unexpected Collaboration

PUNK DRUNKERS x GO OUT Magazine Collaboration Line

In this wild year called 2019, you never know what kind of collaborations and throwbacks will end up manifesting. Both major fashion brands and indie units have come up with all sorts of unexpected surprises these last few years. As the lines between street fashion, high fashion, and ‘we’re making this solely because we can’ designs blur more and more, you genuinely can’t tell what might be released next. Today, we want to draw some attention to this absolutely unique collab between PUNK DRUNKERS and GO OUT Magazine.

When we last covered PUNK DRUNKERS, it was for the limited-run contributions to the Serial Experiments Lain pop-up shop a whole slew of OTAQUEST staff diligently waited in line at. A multi indie brand collaborative shop, PUNK DRUNKERS stood out, and continue to stand out, among their peers because of their refreshing, almost minimal designs and an eagerness to put their own illustration skills to the test. GO OUT Magazine is an outdoors lifestyle and activities publication; the polar opposite of Serial Experiments Lain, and yet PUNK DRUNKERS still killed it.

I’m particularly enamored with the outdoor folding chair PUNK DRUNKERS design for the collaboration. It does cost a pretty penny, sitting at 27,000 yen, but there’s something really charming about the floral print that’s infested with centipedes and some intense faces. The shirts are a little more affordable, being just 5,184 yen, and the embroidered hats are just about 7,000 yen. I suppose people don’t particularly consider camping and hiking as times where they need to be thinking about their fashion game, but good on PUNK DRUNKERS and GO OUT Magazine for giving everybody the chance.

The PUNK DRUNKERS x GO OUT mag collaborative goods will be released August 29.

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