PUNK DRUNKERS Previews Their Jam-Packed Spring 2021 Collection


I’m definitely not shy about how much I love PUNK DRUNKERS as a brand. Between their crazy and cool cast of characters, vinyl toys, parody shirts, and masterful collaborations who couldn’t find something to love from their products? That’s why every few months I get really excited as they share their upcoming releases for the next season.

This week sees the brand showing off their Spring 2021 wares, complete with a limited pre-order so you can secure your favorite pieces ahead of their official release. There’s a lot to unpack this season, so l’m gonna break it down in batches.

Let’s start with collaborations. PUNK DRUNKERS is no stranger to collabs; they’ve worked with a staggering amount of different brands and iconic pop-culture properties in their years of operation, and this upcoming season continues that trend. When talking about iconic pop-culture properties you don’t get much bigger than Godzilla, and the pieces in this collection definitely recognize that. From a pair of reversible Sukajan souvenir jackets to an all-over print design t-shirt, the king of monsters and his foes get the PUNK DUNKERS treatment.

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Next up is a handful of items featuring Bandai Namco’s TEKKEN fighters. The Yoshimitsu jacket is a standout piece in itself, but if you’re more of a T-shirt person you can also find a long-sleeve tee featuring a selection of the King of Iron Fist Tournament’s competitors emblazoned on the back.

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PUNK DRUNKERS doesn’t just collaborate with pop-culture properties either, and this time around they’re teaming up with LAND by MILKBOY for a few pieces featuring both brands’ mascots imitating a pair of iconic brothers.

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Moving on to original goods, one thing PUNK DRUNKERS is most known for is their insanely creative homage & parody work and this season features some heavy hitters in that regard. Aitsu leads the charge on several pieces that warp & transform immediately recognizable imagery into the kind of playful new pieces that PDS is known for. Try to guess what inspired each one!

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Parody isn’t the brand’s only strength. Original pieces utilizing their characters or incredible original illustrations are always some of the most eye-catching pieces each season. Items like the Blemish shirt and Falling Aitsu shirt really highlight how playful they can get with the use of traditional apparel cuts and styles as well, another strength that the brand regularly showcases.

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Shirts and Jackets are of course not the only things PUNK DRUNKERS is known for, as they also make creative bottoms, hats, and other accessories and should definitely not be overlooked. Everything from pants, to facemasks, and even an Aitsu beer glass are on display here and will no doubt add a bit of originality and flair to your day.

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Last but not least, if you have any little ones running around, then their sub-brand OJISUN has you covered with some cute but cool new pieces up for grabs for both adults and kids! These pieces are designed with a simplicity and versatility that make for easy additions to any outfit and any occasion.

All the items you see above will be available on a limited pre-order from October 31st to November 8th on the PUNK DRUNKERS online shop, and depending on what you order, the shipping time will vary with some items coming out as early as December. If you happen to miss the pre-order period, you’ll have another opportunity to pick the items up from other official retailers, the PUNK DRUNKERS online shop, and the Taka no Tsume Flagship shop in Sendagaya!

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