Puzzle & Dragons Announces Collaboration With Demon Slayer

PND Demon Slayer

Puzzle & Dragons is one of those titles that for better or for worse won’t go away. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the game has been one of the top mobile games for years and kind of paved the way for the “gacha culture” that we have come to know all too well when it comes to mobile gaming. The series has had a number of spin-off projects that stem from it such as console games, anime, and figures. But their mainstay is the collaboration events that they do within the mobile game itself and trust me when I tell you, they have collaborated with A TON of different franchises. Today’s announcement is no different as they have announced that they will be collaborating with the absurdly popular Demon Slayer.

In an announcement that honestly I would have thought would have come sooner than it did, GungHo Entertainment announced that they will be starting a new gacha event where players can spend their hard-earned money to obtain limited characters from the Demon Slayer franchise to use within the Puzzle & Dragons mobile game. If you think about it though, the timing isn’t all that strange with the Demon Slayer movie just around the corner.

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The Puzzle & Dragons collaboration event with Demon Slayer kicks off on October 17th and will even feature a re-tweet campaign where 50 lucky entrants can obtain some limited Demon Slayer goods by retweeting a specialized tweet from the official Puzzle & Dragons Twitter account.

GungHo Entertainment has yet to announce if this collaboration event will be taking place in the international version of the game as well or if it is strictly for the Japanese version of the game. But with the popularity of Demon Slayer worldwide, I would be surprised if it doesn’t make the leap over the pond.

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