Radio Eva Teams Up With Casio For Evangelion Themed G-Shock

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It seems like every two or three days, we get a new Evangelion collaboration in one way, shape, or form. Today’s Evangelion collaboration is one that frankly has me brimming with joy. You see, I have a fascination with watches, and where I don’t have many, I really enjoy the look of them and the designs that many of them carry. Since I was a child, I have always loved the G-Shock line, so much in fact that my very first watch was a light blue Baby-G. I know the Baby-G line is normally for girls, but I have moderately small wrists for a guy. Today, Radio Eva announced that they are partnering with Casio on a brand new Eva Unit-01 themed G-Shock watch.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve gotten a G-Shock x Evangelion collaboration, but I think this one is arguably the best looking. The watch is going to be based on the DW-6900 G-Shock model and it comes with a plethora of Evangelion themed content. From the colors on the watch to the box, and even the backplate where the battery is housed is themed with Evangelion goodness. This is truly something that should be in the collection of any G-Shock collector or Evangelion fan. It really is that beautiful. The band is themed with the Unit-01 classic black and purple with green accents, the face has the same color scheme and it really brings the coloring of Unit-01 to life. Radio Eva G-Shock

Preorders started on the Radio Eva x G-Shock DW-6900 today at the Evangelion Online Store, Radio Eva, and the physical Evangelion Store. The watch is a little more expensive than your standard G-Shock, coming in at ¥20,000. Even though preorders started today, you won’t have the watch gracing your wrist until August of this year.

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