RADIOEVA Announces Exclusive Products for Toyama Location

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RADIOEVA, an official project of Evangelion, started in 2008 with the concept of “Evangelion blending into everyday life”. They have been seeking new ways of expressing Evangelion’s goods through a variety of items such as clothes, bags, interiors, and bicycles. Over 500 Evangelion items have been released to the world so far through RADIOEVA, and their announcement today is no different. Each store that RADIOEVA has contains goods that are unique to that location as well as goods that are available at every location. Today, they announced a number of new items that are exclusive to their Toyama pop-up store.

RadioEVA Toyama 1

For a limited time, visitors to the Toyama RADIOEVA store can get their hands on some pretty exclusive items in exclusive Yamato colorways. For starters, if you spend more than ¥1,000 in the store, you will obtain one of two random postcards featuring art of Rei Ayanami. Definitely something cool to get for free for not spending a bunch of money and breaking the bank. Next up, they are offering a NERV bag in the traditional Toyama Yamato colors of yellow and sky blue. I’ve seen the standard variant of this bag at the Shibuya location, and it’s not a super small bag, it is large enough to fit some stuff and even a laptop so you can keep your hands free.

RadioEVA Yamato Bag

The limited goods will be available from October 14th until October 27th, so if you’re in the Toyama area and are a fan of Evangelion (who isn’t?) I would recommend making your way over to the RADIOEVA Toyama pop-up store and taking a look at what they have, worst case scenario if you don’t buy anything, you get to see some really cool official Evangelion goods that normally aren’t available anywhere else. Don’t forget you can also get your hands on that awesome Evangelion 2020 gear as well.


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