Radio Squid, an ARCADE-RHYTHM GAME Releasing on Nintendo Switch

Today on the eShop, a new listing has revealed the upcoming arcade-rhythm-action game Radio Squid from publisher Ratalaika Games and developer Pixelteriyaki. The game will release on June 19th so check out a summary of the title below, or check out more screenshots from the eShop here!

A young squid has been cursed! Now it’s up to you to lift the curse by reaching the depths of the sea with plenty of coins at the end! Explore deep sea floors while taking care of your enemies by utilizing the power of the siren song!

Shoot your enemies with projectiles to the beat of the music, watch out not to get hit by your own shot! For extra challenge, try to bounce off your shots to the wall in order to hit enemies!

* Explore 24 different levels of the sea
* Beautiful monochrome pixel art graphics
* Change the pixel art colours to suit your visual preferences!
* Listen to some snazzy chiptune beats

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