Japanese project Rayons shares their soundtrack to anime “Sagrada Reset”


It’s easy for art to be lost in the shuffle of time. In 2017, the anime Sagrada Reset debuted in April on TV Tokyo. Based off of a light novel and a subsequent manga, it ran for 24 episodes and developed a strong following albeit one unable to push it closer to the mainstream. So it aired and then it ended and the world moved on. That’s how it goes.

Sagrada Reset boasted a particularly sweeping soundtrack courtesy of Japanese project Rayons, masterminded by composer and pianist Masako Nakai. The music she wrote for the show leaned on piano and strings, with wordless vocal touches occasionally powdered over it to give it a human warmth. As pretty as it could be, Rayons’ music for the show probably was likely to be forgotten after the anime went off the air.

But Flau Records recently released Rayons’ soundtrack for Sagrada Reset in full, helping to preserve music that might otherwise not have gotten the shine it deserves. Get it here, or listen below.


Part of the charm of Rayons’ work for Sagrada Reset is how it manages to stand on its own. As a soundtrack it works well, but it shines on its own too. Nakai’s compositions slowly unfold, often starting with piano melodies twinkling along before another instrument enters to heighten the tension or help it soar to another level. “What I’ve Lost Already” underlines the melancholy at its center by introducing violins and drums midway through, while opener “On The Tetrapod” elevates its airy mood with a section of woodwinds breezing in to add to the atmosphere. It goes the other way too — ”Opposition / Confrontation” uses strings and percussion to develop a far more sinister vibe, while something like “Last Strategy” uses unexpected blurts of saxophone to build up tension.

Despite her classical roots, Nakai never lets the songs here turn into pure background here. It’s an absorbing work, both for fans of the anime it was commissioned for and those just looking for piano-and-violin-anchored songs to get absorbed in.

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