Redo of Healer Will Be The Winter Season’s Most Controversial Anime

You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. 

The anime adaptation of the fantasy manga Redo of Healer got its release date of January 2021 announced. The news came over the weekend along with a key visual and trailer. One look at the key visual gives off an appearance that this is going to be a fun little fantasy adventure series. You got its main cast walking through a lush green forest, and the cute pink girl is even smiling and holding a bushel of apples in her lap! What could possibly go wrong? 

Then you watch the trailer. And then you read the manga. And then you finally know what you’re getting into.

Having read a bit of the manga myself, let’s just say that Redo of Healer takes the term “male power fantasy” to a whole ‘nother level. But you don’t even need to read it to understand what Redo of Healer brings to the table. Browsing the Baka-Updates page reveals all. The taglines for this manga include (but are not limited to): Abusive Characters, Drug Addiction, Slaves, Torture, and Revenge. 

Like The Rising of the Shield Hero, Redo of Healer’s story revolves around a young man who has been mistreated by the women in his life. After the pink-haired girl Flare offers our main character Keyaru an opportunity to take up the heroic mantle by becoming a healer. This of course turns out to be too good to be true. 

Yes, Keyaru becomes a healer, but when he’s not restoring his allies’ HP on the battlefield, he’s locked away in a dungeon where Flare and her cronies constantly abuse him to keep him in line. The tables turn when he’s given a chance to go back in time and redo the torturous past four years, hence the title. From there, young Keyaru has one goal in mind: do unto others what hath been done to you.

There is one interesting thing about the trailer. Unlike Shield Hero’s trailers, the trailer for Redo does not initially depict things as being just another generic swords-and-sorcery fantasy series. Redo’s trailer is visually awash with shades of deep purples and reds, with ominous music playing on top of it all. The manic horrorshow reaches a crescendo right at the very beginning with a shot of Keyaru cackling like a mad man. Over thirty seconds later, and we see an imprisoned Keyaru beaming with devilish intent. The way this trailer is edited doesn’t appear to shine a sympathetic light on its leading character.

In an upcoming winter season that is dominated by big name sequels, it will be interesting to see which original series will get attention. Redo of Healer will probably be one of the few that will make waves, warranted or not. We’ll have to see for ourselves when it drops in January.

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