Atmos and Reebok Announce Limited-Edition DORAEMON Collaboration Sneakers

Japan-based sneaker store Atmos, alongside America-born Packer Shoes have just announced a limited-edition line of Doraemon sneakers that are seriously out of this world.

Based on Reebok’s best-selling original sneaker, the InstaPump Fury, this collaboration calls on some of the Doraemon series’ most adorable traits. The design makes use of a faux fur material resembling Doraemon’s striking blue color to line the exterior of the sneaker. Complimenting this is the yellow pump button at the top of the shoe set to resemble Doraemon’s bell. The sneakers find their footing in celebration of the upcoming feature-film ‘Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi’.

The shoe will come in both an adults and kids variants, with all sizes available ranging up to a ‘US Men’s 12’. In a press statement from Atmos, the store detailed that the choice of including both children’s and adult sizes was so that “the collection could be enjoyed as a family”. 

Available from March 4th, the shoes will retail at 20,000円 for the adult variant, and 5,990円 for the children’s variant. The sneakers will be available in-store exclusively at the Harajuku Reebok and Harajuku Atmos in Japan. Fans in the US will have to order their shoes online through Packer Shoes’ official website here.

Doraemon Reebok

Further information on the upcoming release can be found here.

Fujiko-Pro / Shogakukan / TV Asahi / Shin-ei / ADK
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