Rei Looks Stunning In Eva x KATE Red Rouge Video

Rei Looks Stunning In Eva x KATE Red Rouge Video

If you think you’ve seen every possible Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration ever, guess again.

Kanebo Cosmetics recently picked the mysterious and stoic Rei Ayanami (of all characters) for a limited edition of its KATE Red Nude Rouge.

On Wednesday, they also created a video showing Rei apparently putting hot red color on her lips for the first time Eva, er, ever.

And she looks amazing as she does it, which is undoubtedly the effect that the creators were hoping for.

The short video features Megumi Hayashibara as the voice of Rei, who narrates while the animated character puts the lip rouge on.

“This is my own red,” she says.  “No more rules.”

Rei’s Red Rouge Website

“No More Rules” is the slogan for the makeup, which is now on sale for preorders as of Wednesday (Japan time).

The special website for the KATE Red Nude Rouge also features Rei, who has a written message for viewers.

It sounds very poetic in the English translation. And, like a lot of Japanese poetry, the original text has a certain rhythm to it.

A rough translation in English begins: “Rei Ayanami, My first lipstick. That red is as a human being. Is it a proof of will?  The appearance that I have never seen before. A figure that expresses one’s feelings.”

The original Japanese version starts: “Ayanami Rei, hajimete no kuchibeni. Sono aka wa, hitori no ningen to shite.”

Admittedly, this is all meant to sell cosmetics.  But it also tells a little story which is entirely in character for Rei, who is the ultimate “not quite human” stoic girl anime character.

KATE’s global website also has the same red rouge, but you won’t get the special Evangelion collaboration that way.

Rei Looks Stunning In Eva x KATE Red Rouge Video

The Evangelion x KATE Tokyo version features Rei on the box.

On the box, Rei is shown wearing the rouge, just like she does in the video. She doesn’t appear to ever wear makeup during the series.

On the other hand, Ritsuko Akagi definitely wears some visible shade of lipstick. So it’s not just a glitch in the animation process.

With her pale face, the rouge really makes Rei’s lips stand out. And I suppose the color matches her eyes.

You can preorder it from Cosme Shopping, Amazon Japan, and Lohaco.  Preorders start now, but the rouge will not be available until February.

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