Reol Blends Net-Pop With Sharp Vocals On “Lost Paradise”

Reol Blends Net-Pop With Sharp Vocals On

Reol’s come a long way since getting her start as an utaite on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga in 2012. Coming up from the digital underground, she’s more than familiar with the different sounds that have penetrated Japanese pop and netlabel music which have become a bit less distinguishable over the years. Once on Toys Factory, last year Reol signed to Victor Entertainment and has been getting even more traction since. For instance, she and her most frequent producer Giga were tapped by TeddyLoid for last year’s ‘SILENT PLANET: INFINITY’.  Her most recent release was the ‘Civilization’ EP which came out in March, and this week she brings us an artistic music video for the song ‘Lost Paradise’ off the aforementioned EP.

After a bit of instrumental preamble, ‘Lost Paradise’ pops off with a beat that somehow simultaneously resembles a lot of Japanese SoundCloud music today and, like, a very specific brand of late 90s to early 2000s pop/rnb. You would never mistake this song for a TLC track of course. The kicks are too big and Reol’s singing style, a high point, is totally different. However, the synth stabs looming behind the drums and the singing as well as a bit of the groove has that feel if you listen closely.

Other aspects of ‘Lost Paradise’ sound a lot more recent. In addition to those previously mentioned big slow kicks, you have some digital pan flute and some high pitched sound of unidentifiable origin that add color to the song. In fact, there’s a short bridge about midway through that sounds just like Blank Banshee. While the production’s a little all over the place thematically, it comes together for a thumper. That said, Reol’s the star of her show and her voice has a sharp edge to it that cuts straight through the dance vibes.

You can check out Reol’s ‘Civilization’ EP now.

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