Reol Releases Ghoulish MV For “Phanto(me)”

Reol Releases Ghoulish MV For

Reol dropped the equal parts dark-yet-energetic ‘Phanto(me)’ about a month ago as a very early lead up to a planned 2020 full-length album much to our surprise. It more or less continues on with the types of production sounds — that playful mix of Pop-EDM and sharp singing with occasional delving into rap style deliveries which she’s been working with for some time. It’s definitely a fun track that would lend itself to any gym or exercise playlist and one that I imagine would be fun to experience in a live context. However, a month later and Reol’s finally decided to drop a video for ‘Phanto(me)’ and let me tell you, it whips.

The ‘Phanto(me)’ music video definitely cater to those who hold the deep belief that Halloween starts in August. Lots of playfully creepy aesthetics, like a corpse, a giant crystalline skeleton, and a creepy dancer in a black gown who has Reol’s faced taped on them. It’s not actually horror scary but has fun playing with these ghoulish visual tropes. It’s clearly taking from the same formula that’s made Kyary Pamyu Pamyu videos so potent and while it’s a little less outlandish than those, taking the four minutes out of your day to watch this is recommended.

Reol’s slowly but surely climbing up the ranks of popularity. Her music is accessible while still retaining some character and she pulls off a variety of styles visually that gives her an edge. In October she has a string of ‘one-man’ shows in a few venues across Japan that will really test how much of an audience she’s built. She’s collaborated with the likes of TeddyLoid and continues to put out good tracks. Her 2020 album is one to look out for and as of now, I’m personally cautiously optimistic about it. I’d like to see a little more individual flavor coming from her projects, but they’re already enjoyable as is.

Reol has an, as of now, untitled album coming out next year.

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