REOL Releases “Phanto(me)” Single Ahead of Upcoming Album

REOL Releases Phanto(me) Single in Preperation for New Album Next Year

Ever since her return as a solo-artist following a brief 3-person unit stint, REOL has been establishing her unique musical identity through a blend of heavy electronic sounds, rap, and nods to her early days as an utaite. This backing sound mixed with her distinctive vocals is unmistakably what helps her stand out within the current music landscape. Personally, it’s for this reason I keep a close eye on when she is due to release a new song; her sound and creativity being the primary reason I’m drawn to her music. That’s where today’s release of an all-new single “Phanto(me)” has me so excited; available for streaming and digital download now, the song comes off her recently-announced 2020 album.

For those unfamiliar with REOL’s signature sound, this digital single release could be your perfect entry before the release of the upcoming album. It’s very much what we’d expect to hear from REOL, but with such a unique and exciting sound, that’s hardly something to complain about. Give it a listen and you’ll quickly find that “Phanto(me)” sounds as fresh as many of the artist’s previous releases.

The electronic influence of REOL’s past music can certainly be felt in this song, accented with EDM-style build-ups leading into the chorus with a heavy beat bringing the package together. If this is our first sample of what’s to come on the 2020 album, it’s safe to assume that this style is going to be featured prominently — perhaps suggesting a more “Bunmei” EP style release rather than something more melancholic like “End”. 

Personally, if this is a sign of what’s to come, I’m excited to see just what REOL has planned for the next few months. For those interested in checking out more, REOL’s latest “Phanto(me)” can be found on Apple Music and Spotify now.

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