New Resident Evil Portal Coming in 2021

Resident Evil Portal screenshot

Fans of the survival horror game Resident Evil will have a new place to gather in 2021. Capcom announced the new Resident Evil Portal site on Twitter early on Thursday morning (Pacific Time). Details of the new website were also put up on a Capcom webpage.

Resident Evil will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021, with the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Netflix series and the new Resident Evil: Village game expected to come out. It is a good time for a new Resident Evil website.

A Jill Sandwich With Everything on It

The new website will combine all the existing Resident Evil-related online content into one consolidated website. That will include the official Biohazard series sites, Biohazard Club 96, the Resident Evil Ambassador Program, ResidentEvil.net, and the existing Resident Evil Portal. (The Biohazard and Biohazard Club stuff is only available in Japan, because Biohazard in this context refers to the Japanese name for Resident Evil.)

Capcom is promoting this new website as sort of one-stop shop for all of your Resident Evil needs. According to Capcom, you’ll be able to get Resident Evil information, promotions, and merchandise on the new site. You’ll also be able to share stats and connect with Resident Evil players through social media. They also promise ‘content that current and future Resident Evil fans will love.’

There will also be some changes to the existing programs. When the new portal goes up, Resident Evil Ambassadors will now need a Twitter account. Facebook, Instagram, or LINE won’t be enough. They will also be making changes to how Ambassadors earn points. For example, posting to Instagram won’t earn you any points, but posting to Twitter will.

Capcom will also remove the existing Site Buddy, message board, and forum features from ResidentEvil.net. Presumably these will be replaced by the social media connections mentioned earlier.

Capcom; Resident Evil Portal announcement website
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