Reversible Utena Sukajan Invokes Revolutionary Style

Reversible Utena Sukajan Invokes Revolutionary Style

Nothing says you’ve just returned from your maiden trip to Japan like wearing you Sukajan out for the next three months straight. The hand-embroidered jackets are a signature style in Japanese fashion but good ones are often expensive enough that you’ll only ever pull the purchase trigger one. While mainly featuring traditional designs in olden days, you can find anything on modern iterations of these Jackets. Want to sport Sonic The Hedgehog or Kirby and look good doing it? Here’s your chance. This latest offering from Amnibus has us particularly excited though because with an Utena Sukajan you can show off your elevated taste in anime and fashion all in one.

Utena Sukajan

Retailing for about 300 dollars, This Revolutionary Girl Utena Sukajan by Amnibus is reversible so you can get a lot of mileage out of this one with a variety of looks. If you’re trying to go loud and proud, the baby pink fabric couples with the Anthy & Utena silhouette makes for a tastefully striking top layer. Perhaps you’re going for something a little more subtle; The reversed black side of the jacket also showcases some great design, and you’d have to be proficient in both reading kanji and Utena to get its reference. If you are though, don’t expect to get ‘Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku’ out of your head any time soon.

There’s a reason why Revolutionay Girl Utena is such a beloved treasure in the anime canon. Taking influence from the likes of The Rose Of Versailles as well as Twin Peaks, auter Kunihiko Ikuhara created one of the most artistically daring and sophisticated series ever. Though not as popular as an Evangelion, it has a big enough cult fanbase that we imagine these Utena Sukajans will sell out before not too long. Pony up that 300 if you want it.

The Amnibus Utena Sukajan goes on sale Feburary 2021.


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