Revue Starlight Re LIVE Mobile Game Takes On the US this month!

Already done with BanG Dream!? Had enough of Love Live? Never had it in you to get into [email protected]? Anime idol franchises have become quite the lucrative sub-genre in the otaku world. [email protected] continues strong despite its age and Love Live was an international phenomenon at its peak. However, there’s always need for new blood. Revue Starlight Re LIVE could become the next big idol hit. The international release of the mobile game has already reached over 300,000 preorders! It’s set to release outside of Japan later this month, and you can pre-register at Revue Starlight English site now.

The Revue Starlight franchise actually begun as a stage musical with real flesh and blood actresses with big weapons and beautiful voices. There was an anime that aired last July and a currently in development spin-off show being made. Revue Starlight ReLIVE, the mobile game, released in Japan last October. Bushiroad, who’s also behind the successful BanG Dream! Franchise, owns Revue Starlight. Seeing as Bandori, as fans call it, has been such a success, there’s no reason to believe Revue Starlight Re LIVE won’t also win people over. It’s already done so for over 300,000 people!

One unique thing about the upcoming mobile game; The gameplay isn’t your standard tap your smartphone screen a lot rhythm gameplay lots of the idol franchises have. There’s turn based battles with swords and lances and the like. They gave the idols weapons, brilliant. Revue Starlight Re LIVE will also feature a full fledged story mode which will feature content not covered in the anime or original musical. The unconventional for the genre gameplay and extensive plot could potentially entice those that don’t normally go for the idol mobage thing.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE will launch globally later this month, keep up to date here. You can watch the anime on HiDive now!

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