Rhythm Game ‘Rhythm Land’ Releases Spring 2019 for Famicom and Mega Drive in Japan

Japanese publisher Columbus Circle has shocked us all and will be releasing a new Famicom and Mega Drive game. Called Rhythm Land. In 2019. The game is Rhythm Heaven-like by having 4 mini games where you need to press a button in sync with the music. First edition of the game, players will also get the soundtrack packed with 20 songs along with another surprise.

Below you can find some footage of the game, as well as game play from the 8-bit Famicom version.

You can now pre-order for ¥6,458 via Amazon Japan now with an estimated shipping date of February 15, 2019. Since the seller does not ship to North America, players will be able to pre-order soon via Play-Asia.

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