Supergroup Ri Ri Riligion Brings Cult Vibes To Their First MV ‘Creature’

Supergroup Ri Ri Riligion Brings Cult Vibes To Their First MV 'Creature'

Here’s one of the more interest concepts to emerge from the world of Japanese music recently Ri Ri Riligion is a 13 person super group centered around singer-songwriter NECRONOMIDOL and Lyrical School producer Kazuma Hashida. The other 12 members? Women from all over the musical spectrum. A couple of the stand-outs include the prolific Mariko Goto of the seminal Jazz Punk outfit Midori and Hitomi Azuma who’s released on the legendary Maltine Records during their heyday. Each member seems to be bringing something to the table with guitars, tambourines, and even a xylophone. Check out ‘creature’ by Ri Ri Riligion below.

To say Ri Ri Riligion has a theme would be an understatement. People love a gimmick and Ri Ri Riligion is going fully cult with theirs. From their purposefully misspelled name to the band’s gowns which are evocative of nuns and other kinds of religious imagery, what the group is going for is apparent. To be clear, I choose to use the word cult not to insult religion but to center the 12 women following 1 man aspect of the project. While it’s obviously for a show, I hope the band puts the imagery to good use in their videos, music, or promotion. Otherwise, I’m not sure if there’s a need for a cult harem act in 2019 even if it’s filled with musicians I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

‘Creature’ itself isn’t a bad song though, even if I’m unsure about Ri Ri Riligion’s shtick. With sweltering group choruses, lots of pretty bells and whistles that adorn the instrumentation, and distinct additional vocals by Mariko Goto its a bit unique. The video is a fun watch too. Filmed at a live show, though featuring the studio recording, it’s certainly something to see this instrument cult jam out in a packed room where there’s no space between the band and the fans.

Ri Ri Riligion CD-R 1 is available now. It features a mix of ‘creature’ done by Mariko Goto.

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