Masaaki Yuasa’s Latest Film Ride Your Wave Streams Adorable & Scenic New PV

Masaaki Yuasa's Latest Film Ride Your Wave Streams Adorable & Scenic New PV

Masaaki Yuasa is something of a hot commodity these days. The prolific animator had been a cult favorite for many years after the like of Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, and Ping Pong. His creations always have a touch of the avant-garde and an understanding of animation’s particular nuances as a medium. 2018’s Devilman crybaby, however, introduced him to a whole new generation of fans. The man’s prolific as well, continuing to work as hard as ever. Two movies in 2017, last year’s Devilman Crybaby, and now he has both a new tv anime and film on the horizon. Here’s the latest trailer for the latter, Ride Your Wave.

This new trailer is just adorable, there’s no better way to put it. Ride Your Wave’s main characters Hinako and Minato, voice by Rina Kawaei and Ryota Katayose, sing to a ukulele rendition of the film’s theme ‘Brave New Story’. The trailer flips through many cute moments of this seaside love story. Minato and Hinako ride the waves together, have fun shopping, and even kiss at the end of the dock. Romantic, isn’t it? Not only does the film look like the date movie of the century, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous too.

Palm trees lining the roads are pure aesthetic fan-service. Water swirls around in the ocean as if it were dancing. The sun setting over the sea the film’s couple locks fingers makes it all look likes a dream. Ride Your Wave seems like the exact opposite of Devilman crybaby. Yuasa has always been versatile; he got his start doing a lot of Shin-Chan films after all. But this latest film looks like his most accessible yet. While some might not want to see one of anime’s auters going for a mainstream audience, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him not living up to his legacy with this one.

Ride Your Wave hits Japanese theaters June 21.

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