Robot Damashii Announces SIDE EVA Figures of Unit-01 and Unit-13


Robot Damashii announced today that they will be releasing two new figures in their SIDE EVA line of Unit-01 and Unit-13, based on the Rebuild of Evangelion remake movies. Evangelion, one of the best anime series ever, recently released the conclusion to the story, Evangelion 3.0+1.0.

These two have to be some of the best-looking Evangelion figures that I have ever set my eyes on. The Unit-01 figure comes with a plethora of additional accessories to reenact various scenes from the film. It even comes with the massive Spear of Cassius.

SIDE EVA Figures of Unit-01 and Unit-13

On top of the Unit-01 figure, Robot Damashii also announced a figure of my personal favorite Evangelion, Unit-13. The four-armed EVA unit can be partnered with the Unit-01 figure to recreate the legendary battle between the two Evangelion units.

SIDE EVA Figures of Unit-01 and Unit-13

The SIDE EVA Unit-01 figure is currently available to pre-order through various retailers throughout Japan for ¥7,150 and will start being available to buyers in November of this year. The SIDE EVA Unit-13 figure is also available to pre-order through retailers in Japan for ¥9,900 and will be available shortly after in December of this year.

If you’re a fan of the series, these are both figures that you’re going to want to have in your collection, so I would recommend that you reach out to a friend in Japan to help you get them or find a proxy that can purchase them on your behalf.

Robot Damashi, Khara
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