Rock Band 4 Xbox One Version Priced at $80 and Perepheral Compatibility List

Before people get up in arms about the price increase, Harmonix announced the Xbox One version of Rock Band 4 will be priced higher than the retail price of $60 because it allows players to keep using their existing kits.

Rock Band 4’s pricing and controller compatibility list earlier. The Xbox One version will retail for $80/£70. The PlayStation 4 version will keep the regular $60/£50 price tag.


Reasoning for this is because the Xbox One version comes with an adapter that supports legacy game controllers, meaning existing Xbox 360 guitars and drum sets will be compatible at launch. This is no issue on PlayStation 4 though, as existing controllers will work without need of an adapter. All copies of the standalone Xbox One version come with the adapter.

Alongside this announcement, Harmonix revealed an early list of compatible guitars, drums, and microphones which can be found below


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