DANCERUSH STARDOM Is Now Available at Round1 USA

Just a few short months after Konami’s latest viral hit arcade machine DANCERUSH STARDOM hit arcades across Japan, Round1 USA has announced that it’ll be making its way to locations across the United States. It wasn’t too long ago that we shared the news that DANCERUSH STARDOM would be coming to all Round1 locations across the United States, and it looks like that rollout is finally beginning. For players at  Lakewood Mall & Puente Hills locations, you’ll find an all-new machine awaiting your credits!


Easily one of Konami’s flashiest rhythm games to grace the bemani franchise in quite some time, DANCERUSH STARDOM won’t often be seen in Japan without its own queue of players. Not just that, but time and time again its proven itself to be the most viral-video worthy game that Konami has possibly ever released, with multitudes of videos on Twitter and Facebook raking in hundreds of thousands of views, while also garnering all the shares you can think of.

Those interested in finding out when DANCERUSH STARDOM will hit your local Round1 can find further information on the official website.

Konami Digital Entertainment
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