Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration Announced

Eva Bowling from Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration

Now that we’re getting closer to the release of the final Evangelion movie, I think we’re going to see more and more collaboration events and products. Not that there wasn’t a shit-ton of them already, but I just think that they’re going to be more frequent than they have been. What better way to kick off the Road to EVANGELION 3.0+1.0 than a collaboration event with Japanese entertainment facility Round1? Today, Round1 has announced that all of its stores throughout Japan will be getting an Evangelion makeover in one fashion or another.

Promo image for Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration

For starters, everyone who visits any Bowling, Spo-cha, Karaoke, or other facility with four or more people will receive a Round1 × EVANGELION exclusive original mascot. The mascot will be available in eight popular character types, including Asuka and Mari in their white plug suits from Shin Evangelion: The Movie, and will be available from 29 December 2020.

Eva Mascot from Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration

The Tokyo/Ikebukuro Store and Osaka/Sennichimae Store will have collaboration karaoke rooms with five Evangelion characters drawn on the walls and other Evangelion themes across the room. Those who use the room will receive an original design can badge (5 types in total). The karaoke room makeover will start on 25 December 2020.

EVA Karaoke from Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration

Last but not least, if you hit a strike while bowling, you will get a special video featuring the Evangelion characters. Additionally, participants that get a strike in the Moonlight Strike game will receive a photo coin for Round One’s original purikura machine, which will allow you to take a picture with a limited-time Eva frame.

Eva Purikura from Round1 × EVANGELION Collaboration

Definitely some cool things going on here. I must admit though, in the three years that I’ve lived in Japan, I still have yet to go bowling. I think this is something that I should remedy now that there will be this Round1 × EVANGELION collaboration going on. Who doesn’t like more Evangelion in their life?

Round1, Khara
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