Round1 Expanding Their SPO-CHA Locations to America and Beyond


Round1 is quite possibly one of the saviors of arcade games outside of Asia, and their facilities are always packed with things to do. They offer activities such as bowling, darts, ping pong, arcade games, karaoke, and more. Did you know that they have an ultimate version of their locations, though? Their SPO-CHA (Sports Challenge) locations offer a massive amount of activities over their standard locations, and now they’re making them available outside of Japan, with locations in the United States and Russia.

R1 Spocha Bowling

I have only been to one SPO-CHA location in Odaiba, Tokyo. Let me tell you, the place is massive and offers a huge amount of things to do that aren’t video games or bowling. For instance, the Odaiba location has Segway racing, batting cages, basketball courts, and a rodeo machine as well. The first SPO-CHA location in the United States opened up in Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, GA. The Cumberland Mall location made the following announcement about the new facility.

With over 82,000 square foot, this Sports Challenge complex offers an array of cutting-edge amenities. The new facility includes the Round 1 standard high-end games, bowling, billiards and karaoke that is a signature to each location, but it also offers an array of new activities. This new collection offers batting cages, 3×3 basketball courts, roller skating, trampolines, mini-golf, bull riding, kids zone, and more!

There are currently two other SPO-CHA locations in the United States in Lancaster, PA and Puente Hills, CA. Round1 has already announced that they’re going to be opening more SPO-CHA locations in Pembroke Pines, FL, Grandville, MI, Fort Wayne, IN, Freehold, NJ, St. Louis, MI, and Fort Worth, TX.

Spocha Segway

It’s always a good thing when you see expansion for something like this. Round1 has brought a renewed hope to a lot of people throughout the States when it comes to having amusement locations like the yesteryears. Let’s just hope that they can keep operating the way that they have been after this whole pandemic thing settles down a bit more. You can check if there is a Round1 SPO-CHA location near you, here.

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