Runner3 is Coming to PS4 Later This Month

Developer Choice Provisions announced today that Runner3 is coming to PS4 on November 13 and will be available at a discount for the first two weeks. The game which originally launched for Nintendo Switch and PC back in May includes a ton of changes and fixes. Check out what’s in store for the PS4 version below on behalf of the dev team.

  • All character moves are available from the start of the game – You can double-jump to your heart’s content!
  • Made the jump and avoid enemies/obstacles more forgiving – We love tinkering with hitboxes over here. We’re cuckoo bananas for it.
  • Added more on-screen communication regarding the Impossible Levels, the Retro Levels, and the overall difficulty of the game – Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you fire up one of the game’s nine “Impossible Levels.”
  • Added a “break” sound effect to kickwalls in addition to their musical tone – We received more requests for this than just about anything else. We were happy to oblige.
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