‘Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version’ Gets a New Trailer

Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version

Gaga Corporation released a new trailer for Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version, the upcoming Prince of Tennis film, with a small surprise at the end.

The movie was announced at the beginning of February. The story will place in the United States, involving some major characters. We also got a glimpse of Ryoma’s dad back when he was the world-famous Samurai Nanjiro.

Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version was originally supposed to release in the Spring of 2020, but like almost everything last year, COVID-19 put a big stop sign on that. Now the movie is scheduled to release on 3 September 2021.

Gaga Corporation shared the synopsis:

This work depicts a never-before-revealed episode that took place during the gap of three months between The Prince of Tennis and The New Prince of Tennis. At the end of The Prince of Tennis, Ryoma and the rest of the Seishun Academy Middle School won a fierce battle against Rikkai University Junior High School in the final match of the National Tournament.

The story begins three days later when Ryoma sets off on a tennis training trip to the U.S. on his own in search of even greater strength. When he arrives there, he encounters his classmate Sakurano, who is visiting the U.S. on a family trip, being tangled up with a gang!

When the ball that Ryoma hits to save Sakurano collides with the ball that a mysterious person in a wheelchair hits, time and space begin to warp and two of them are transported back in time to the United States, to a time when Ryoma’s father was known as ‘Samurai Nanjiro’ for his amazing tennis skills and was famous around the world.

The film is getting two theatrical cuts, meaning that the two versions are going to have somewhat different content. Think of it as two routes of a story that are running parallel to each other.

The two versions will be called slightly differently as well: One will be called ‘Decide’ where the other will be called ‘Glory’. The ‘Decide’ version will focus primarily on the Seigaku team captain Kunimitsu Tezuka and Rikkai team captain Seiichi Yukimura, whereas the ‘Glory’ version will focus primarily on the Hyoutei team captain Keigo Atobe and Shitenhouji team captain Kuranosuke Shiraishi.

'Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version Characters

At the end of the new Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version trailer, we get a quick glimpse of 21 characters that appear in the manga for The Prince of Tennis. It makes me wonder what type of role they’ll be playing in the movie. We’ll find out when the film releases on 3 September 2021!

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