Ryuki Miyamoto Goes Hard on TREKKIE TRAX’ 100th Release

For years now Tokyo-based netlabel TREKKIE TRAX has been known as the place to go if you were looking for some of the freshest club heaters from a wide array of Japanese musical talent. Today marked not only the release of a new EP through them, namely Kyushu-based producer Ryuki Miyamoto’s out-of-this-world new “Go Hard EP,” but also the netlabel’s 100th release since they first launched in 2012. With that said, if there was ever an EP to celebrate such a milestone, this would have to be the most fitting:


From the get-go, Ryuki Miyamoto pulls no punches in going harder than he ever has – fitting for the EP’s title track “Go Hard.” With a total of four tracks, it really feels like Miyamoto’s latest release perfectly embodies the sound that TREKKIE TRAX spent the last six years so perfectly curating, filled with hard-hitting drops, amen breaks, and just the right flair to scream TREKKIE TRAX’ signature sound. These tracks all absolutely slap, which comes as little surprise given Ryuki Miyamoto was behind them all.

Available as of today on most major streaming sites and services, as well as being available for purchase via iTunes, it’ll come as little surprise when you hear these tracks absolutely dominating the Tokyo club scene’s playlists over the next few months. Further information can be found via TREKKIE TRAX’ official Twitter account, here.

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