‘S2TB Recording’ Announces Final Show & Indefinite Hiatus

In a shocking announcement that went live via Kors K’ official website, it was revealed that S2TB Recording would be entering an indefinite hiatus starting at the end of this year. Almost five years since the label initially joined the dojin market following the release of ‘S2TB Files 2: Activate’, we’re finally seeing the end of an era. Across it’s tremendous lifespan, S2TB Recording became home to over 17 releases, using the Japanese hardcore sound as it’s backbone, whilst taking a chance across all genres.

If you’re not quite familiar with Kors K, or his work with S2TB Recording, the label was initially conceived as a creative outlet for expression outside of his regular musical career. With the bi-annual Comiket set as it’s home, the label would go on to defy all odds selling out almost every release. As an independent label, it was a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of it’s young age. Calling on a diverse international roster of talent, we saw artists such as Akira Complex build an entire career through these independent releases, but at times this would prove difficult for everyone.

It’s almost five years since my first Comic Market release ”S2TB Files2: Activate”.
I think the dojin scene is a wonderful place where anyone can express their creativity.
It’s a place where producers can set their work aside and enjoy music purely as a hobby; at least that’s what it’s really supposed to be.

In recent years, it hasn’t been easy for me to find the time between projects to prepare for the summer and winter Comic Market releases. I’ve been having to push myself hard, both physically and mentally, to be able to put out my recent Dojin releases.

The number of releases has been increasing tremendously, and I feel it has become overwhelming for both the producers and consumers. The value of music has been depreciating, and I have started feeling that I unwittingly took part in accelerating the depreciation.

Kors K is of course talking about the obscene difficulty of pushing out so much content between each Comiket, with each event seeing the release of a handful of albums and compilations. What was once viewed as no more than a creative hobby had rapidly grown larger than anyone could have imagined. In Kors K’ eyes, this growth would go on to create an unmaintainable demand, and thus a decline in each releases quality. It was because of this that it was deemed necessary to enter this indefinite hiatus, solidifying the positive memories of the label within everyones mind.

Outside of their extraordinary musical releases, S2TB Recording was perhaps best known for their major events thrown each year. Both ‘S2TB Gathering’ and ‘S2TBTANO*C’ would prove to be arena-packing shows, with each of the labels artists giving it their all. Every year the shows grew bigger and bigger, switching from the clubs of Shibuya to major live venues across Japan. One last time we’ll have the opportunity to witness these events, and one last time we’ll give it our all.

Going out with a bang, it was announced that S2TBTANO*C‘ will set the stage for the labels grand finale. Taking place September 18, fans will be given a final chance to give their thanks to one of Japan’s greatest independent labels. The event will be operating a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, with planning currently underway. Kors K adds that this isn’t the end of his individual music career, and that we can expect a whole lot to come from him, even if it’s separate from the label that he once called home.

Thank you, S2TB Recording and best of luck, Kors K. 

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